River1D Hydrodynamic and River Ice Process Model

River1D is a public-domain one-dimensional finite element hydrodynamic model which also include the following river ice processes:

  • Water cooling and supercooling
  • Suspended frazil ice production and transport
  • Border ice formation and growth
  • Anchor ice formation and release
  • Surface ice evolution and transport
  • Ice cover progression and retreat
  • Under-cover transport of frazil ice

The River1D Ice Process model is free to use by sending an email request to Dr. She (

Ongoing Development

  • Ice jam modeling in river channel networks
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River2D Hydrodynamic Model

River2D is a two dimensional depth averaged finite element hydrodynamic model that has been customized for fish habitat evaluation studies. With respect to river ice processes, the model currently only simulates specified ice cover condition.

See details and download the latest version of River2D at