River Ice Projects

Our research group works collaboratively and has many projects underway. These include laboratory studies of river ice processes in our cold room lab and hydraulic modelling facility, ongoing development of sophisticated numerical river ice models, and field monitoring of river ice from freeze-up through to breakup. Many of our projects include more than one of these elements and offer our students a unique opportunity to gain experience in different types of research and data collection.

For information on some of our current projects, please see our professors’ personal webpages and contact them for more information.

Field monitoring of river ice processes

We conduct an annual field monitoring program on the North Saskatchewan River, AB, with the objective to better understand a number of dynamic and complex river ice processes.

Cold room laboratory experiments

We conduct innovative laboratory experiments in the cold room to study several key ice formation mechanisms.

Frazil tank for generating frazil ice in laboratory environment

Numerical modeling of river ice processes

We develop novel models to simulate and study river ice freeze-up and breakup processes. See Modeling page for more details.

Modeling 2D hydrodynamics under ice covered condition

Modeling flow distribution under various open water and ice conditions in the Mackenzie Delta